3. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 3. Call

Strategic Grants:
Foundation for Children of Slovakia
Strategy to promote inclusive education

Main aim and activites:

The aim of the project is to create strategies to support and develop inclusive education at the level of specific local governments, either by creating a new strategy or by modifying and supplementing existing strategies in the field of education, which local governments already have. The project also pursues several sub-objectives, such as the means of creating a favorable environment at the community level that would support inclusive values ​​and inclusive education. The project focuses on identifying needs and networking of actors who can contribute to the better implementation of inclusive education at the level of kindergartens and primary schools – in addition to the aforementioned founders, there are mainly primary and kindergartens operating in the city. groups of disadvantaged children (eg organizations that deal with children with health or mental disabilities, organizations working in the marginalized Roma community, organizations that deal with the leisure time of children and young people). The key players, primary schools and kindergartens, will be involved and supported through workshops and their interconnections. The project will scale the results and examples of good practice to other local governments in the future, but also to policy makers at the state administration level. The project will be implemented in three districts, namely Nové Zámky, Banská Bystrica and Poltár.

Project timeline: 2021-10-15 – 15-5-2023

Project Partner 1: N/A
Project Partner 2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 91 503,33 €
Grant amount:
 82 353,00 €

2. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 2. Call

Medium Grants:
Advocacy for sustainable mobility for all

Main aim and activites:

The aim of the project is to defend the public interest in the field of sustainable mobility accessible to all, as its support is currently insufficient in Slovakia, with regard to pedestrian and bicycle transport. This will be achieved through changes in specific national policies, watchdog activities in the development of strategies, or specific measures at the local level, as well as awareness-raising activities educating the professional public, and programs supporting young local initiatives in this field. The project will significantly strengthen bilateral cooperation. The project partner, Reykjavík’s Environment and Planning Department, will contribute its expertise and experience in the field of sustainable mobility to improving the quality of project results.

Project timeline: 01-09-2020 – 31-01-2022

Project Partner 1: City of Reykjavik, Department of Environment and Planning
Project Partner 2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 71,480 €
Grant amount: 64,332 €

Strategic Grants:
Transparency International Slovensko
Where our money go to?

Main aim and activites:

A project called Who is running for our money? Will strengthen the functioning of the anti-page law, a new global anti-corruption tool. The core of the activities will consist in analyzing Slovak practice, strengthening the ability of the civil sector to control the register of company ownership and in the proposal to improve the law with the help of international exchange of experience. The newly created map of the owners of Slovak hotels or restaurants will also bring the topic to citizens in an understandable way, and will allow them to easily get involved in the fight against corruption in person. Transparency of company ownership is an important new part of the anti-corruption fight. Knowing where the money is going helps to disrupt corrupt schemes.

Project timeline: 01-07-2020 – 31-12-2022

Project Partner 1: Transparency International Norway
Project Partner 2: Tax Justice Network

Project eligible expenditure: 133.326,67 €
Grant amount: 119,994 €

1. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 1. Call

Medium Grants:
Less barrier for more nature benefits

Main aim and activites:

The project is aimed at defending public interests and removing barriers for more efficient and sustainable exploitation of natural resources in protected areas in Slovakia. Its output is the elaboration of legal analysis and proposal of changes, analysis of related strategic documents, elaboration of surveys and examples of good practice from abroad from a Norwegian partner, promotion of 2 public policies at regional and local level and public involvement through lobbying and activation activities.

Project timeline: 01-05-2019 – 31-10-2020

Project Partner 1: Linking Tourism & Conservation Society (LT&C)
Project Partner 2: VIA IURIS

Project eligible expenditure: 79 969,50  €
Grant amount: 71 972 €

Strategic Grants:
Children don’t wait!

Main aim and activites:

The project called “Children Don’t Wait!” Is a project designed to help pro-active attitude of all stakeholders  to quality changes in education system in Slovakia according to the slogan “We create quality school together”. By effectively combining the forces of diverse groups of actors in education, as well as communicating with the general public through the media, we can take the first step towards a truly good reform of education in Slovakia. The aim of the project – in the interest of children – is a partnership dialogue between all project actors in order to find a common one by constructive discussion good legislative and non-legislative solutions in the field of education.

Project timeline: 01-05-2019 – 14-01-2022

Project Partner 1: Spolok SKIS – félag slóvakíska á Íslandi
Project Partner 2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 105,645.56 €
Grant amount: 95,081 €