3. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 3. Call.

Transparency International Slovakia
With Active Citizenship for a Better Self-government

Main aim and activites:

In Slovakia, for most people, the closest contact with the public sphere is the self-government. Its representatives decide on the construction, condition of roads, schools, greenery and culture, but also on local taxes or investments. The growing importance of town halls is also visible during the pandemic. The project aims to strengthen active citizenship in self-government through access to quality and objective information on the activities of councils and elected representatives and through the active involvement of people in decision-making processes. The activities will be implemented mainly during the election year in the bodies of cities, municipalities and regions. The project will create the conditions for better informed voter decision-making, as well as pressure on local politicians to introduce measures in favor of public control and civic participation.

Project timeline: 01-11-2021– 30-04-2023

Project Partner 1: Reykjavik´s Human Rights and Democracy Office (City of Reykjavík)
Project Partner 2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 80,000 €
Grant amount: 72,000 €

2. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 2. Call.

Nadácia Rafael
Public involvement in the preparation of the Concept for helping people with autism

Main aim and activites:

There is currently no conceptual approach to people with the autism spectrum disorder in Slovakia. The main objective of the project is the naming of resources from the current situation. A Concept will be created and implemented at the state level, which intends to become a so-called “travel map” for individual segments of the aid, making specific steps leading to the change of the current situation. The recommendations of the Concept should arise in a common dialogue between the professional and non-professional public, entering into negotiations with the state and at the same time pointed to changes in public policies.

Project timeline: 01-10-2020 – 31-12-2021

Project Partner 1: Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð
Project Partner 2: Autistic Centre Andreas

Project eligible expenditure: 88,888.89 €
Grant amount: 80,000 €

1. Call Supported Projects

Projects supported in the program in 1. Call.

Regional coworking centre for civic participation

Main aim and activites:

The project is focusing on one of the least developed regions in Slovakia, specifically on three districts: Rožňava, Revúca, Rimavská Sobota in the region of Gemer. Many people here have difficulties to find a job or live a dignified life. The project, “Regional co-working centre of civic participation” is, in this area, a much-needed initiative, because other supporting initiatives, such as those from the government, are not sufficient.  Involvement of active residents living directly in the area is crucial, as they understand the needs of local citizens better, are aware of how the third sector works and also, they are familiar with the opportunities present in the region.

Project timeline: 01-06-2019 – 31-10-2020

Project Partner 1: Bjerkaker Learning Lab
Project Partner 2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 88,803 €
Grant amount: 79,922 €