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Občianske združenie Vidiecky parlament na Slovensku

Main aim and activites:

The project is aimed at young people before or after graduation. Youth in disadvantaged regions is often closed-minded and influenced by the older generation supporting undemocratic governance. The project assumes that presentations of successful young activists in public policy and decision-making in disadvantaged rural regions are still rare in Slovakia. This causes the spread of undemocratic, radical or nationalist views in society or the spread of corruption at the economic level. Therefore, young people and society in general need positive examples from abroad – in the case of this project, those from Iceland will be presented.

Project timeline: 01-09-2020 – 28-02-2021

Project partner 1: Landsbyggðin lifi – LBL
Project partner 2:

Project eligible expenditure: 10,000 €
Grant amount: 10,000 €