Vulnerable groups empowered

Vulnerable groups are exposed to social isolation and different forms of discrimination in our society. Their access to information, the labor market, education and culture, as well as participation in decision-making, is insufficient. The program will address the Roma minority and other groups at risk of social exclusion and poverty.

Thematic focus:

Improving the position of vulnerable groups in society.

Organizations will focus on strengthening vulnerable groups and their participation in decision-making on public affairs, as well as improving target groups’ income access to economic growth.

CSOs will be encouraged to cooperate with local authorities and introduce meaningful methods and services at the local level.

The program aims to strengthen the position of 2,000 individuals from vulnerable groups (especially Roma), provide services to 600 people and implement measures to strengthen the status of vulnerable individuals in 30 local governments.

Financial allocation:

Types of grants:

1 500 000 €


Basic grants: 30 000-80 000€
12-18 months
2 calls
Small grants 5 000-15 000€
6-8 months
3 calls


Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Increasing citizen participation in decision making and public policies formation.

Strenghtened civil society advocacy and watchdog role

Supporting good governance and increasing transparency.

Increased support for human rights and civic education

Increased support for human rights and civic education.

Vulnerable groups empowered

Improving the position of vulnerable groups in the society.

Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

Enhancing capacity and sustainability of civil society.

Bilateral Fund

Exchanging experiences, know-how and good practices between organisations.