Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

Lack of resources to build capacity of civil society organizations forces organizations to focus on their survival and diverts them from pursuing strategic changes in their activities to ensure their long-term development. The program in this area will enable organizations to improve their skills, strengthen their competencies, implement higher-level governance, and implement modern sustainability strategies. The ACF will also support projects to improve the environment for the development of civil society.

Thematic focus:

Capacity building and support for the sustainability of civil society.

All the projects supported by the program will also allow organizations to strengthen their capacities, but we expect that 20 organizations will focus their projects directly on their reinforcement. Out of a total of 170 organizations supported, the capacity development activities will be at least 30%, or 55 organizations.

At national level, the aim is to change 4 national policies and laws related to the improvement of the environment related to the activities of civil society organizations.

Financial allocation:

Types of grants:

1 600 000 €


Basic grants: 30 000-80 000€
12-18 months
3 calls
Strategic grants: 80 000-120 000€
18-30 months
2 calls


Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Increasing citizen participation in decision making and public policies formation.

Strenghtened civil society advocacy and watchdog role

Supporting good governance and increasing transparency.

Increased support for human rights and civic education

Increased support for human rights and civic education.

Vulnerable groups empowered

Improving the position of vulnerable groups in the society.

Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

Enhancing capacity and sustainability of civil society.

Bilateral Fund

Exchanging experiences, know-how and good practices between organisations.