Active Citizens Fund Slovakia

Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia is a grant programme aiming at strengthening civil society, supporting active citizenship and empowering vulnerable groups in Slovakia.


OUR MARKS: OTVOR DVOR 17.1.2024 Processed by: Richard Petro How do you perceive the implementation of the project over time? Over time, it becomes evident that our project has been…
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Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Increasing citizen participation in decision making and public policies formation.

Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role

Supporting good governance and increasing transparency.

Increased support for human rights and civic education

Increased support for human rights and civic education.

Vulnerable groups empowered

Improving the position of vulnerable groups in the society.

Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

Enhancing capacity and sustainability of civil society.

Bilateral Fund

Exchanging experiences, know-how and good practices between organisations.

Left their mark

Since the beginning of the Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia programme, we have encountered a number of examples of good practice and positive results from supported projects. We want to share with you the stories that have left their mark.

Useful links

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