3. Call Supported projects

Projects supported in the program in 3. Call – Medium and Strategic Grants.

Občianske Združenie kRaj
About bees and humans

Main aim and activites:

The project strengthens the position of the kRaj association among civic organizations, while it plans to create a common platform of organizations and within it a national plan for the protection of pollinators. The association also wants to develop public awareness in this area and follow it up with fundraising, which will also help financial stability. The project will create the Center for the Protection of Pollinators, the first of its kind. The main goal of the project is to network with other organizations, develop their own fundraising and strengthen the team of the civic association with a new employee.

Project timeline: 01-11-2021 – 30-04-2023

Project partner1: Mangfolk, Nórsko
Project partner2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 85,957.78 €
Project grant: 77,362 €

2. Call Supported projects

Projects supported in the program in 2. Call – Medium and Strategic Grants.

Medium Grants:

Bašta – a Space for Civic Activities

Main aim and activites:

The Different is moving from a semi-professional to a professional level, and to be able to grasp their work in the local community more conceptually, they need to strengthen the capacity and competencies of the organization. Work more on building relationships with the supporters and donors to ensure the financial sustainability of activities, improve external communication, be more open and more transparent. The project aims to strengthen the capacities and competencies of the civic association Different in cooperation with expert and cooperating organizations. Through the reconstruction and functioning of another part of the cultural and community centre Bašta, the background for civic activities in Bardejov will expand.

Project timeline: 01-06-2020 – 31-10-2021

Project partner1: Kulturfjøset Huser
Project partner2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 88,637.77 €
Project grant: 79,774 €

Strategic Grants:

PDCS, o.z.
Civic Leaders on Long Runs

Main aim and activites:

The project has educational and transformational character focused on building the leadership capacity and resilience of organizations. It focuses on supporting two types of leaders. The first group represents the incoming directors of NGOs, who have recently taken up a management position. The second group is composed of senior leaders, who are often overworked or burned out after years in a management position. The project aims to strengthen organizations, mainly, to build their resilience (resistance to unpredictable changes).

Project timeline: 01-06-2020 – 30-11-2021

Project partner1: Menneskerettighetsakademiet – Human Rights Academy
Project partner2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 116,584.44 €
Project grant: 104,926 €

1. Call Supported projects

Projects supported in the program in 1. Call – Medium and Strategic Grants.

Medium Grants:

Raná starostlivosť, n.o.
Vital Capacity

Main aim and activites:

The main activity of Raná starostlivosť organization is early intervention in families. The organization accompanies families with young children with visual and multiple disabilities with operations in many regions of Slovakia. Small children from all over Slovakia are admitted to consultations regarding the assessment of visual functions, as this centre is the only early intervention centre specialized in early vision. Within the project, the organization will focus on improving governance: by modifying the organizational guidelines and organizational structure, reviewing the competencies and roles of people in the team, verifying the sustainability of operation after project completion, etc. In connection with this, the Organization Strategy for 2021-2023 will be proposed.

Project timeline: 01-10-2019 – 31-12-2020

Project partner1: Icelandic National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind
Project partner2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 65,000 €
Project grant: 58,500 €

Strategic Grants:

Centrum pre filantropiu n.o.
Improving access to private financing of CSOs

Main aim and activites:

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have few free sources of funding in Slovakia, they are dependent on grants or other similar sources, not realizing that (regular) donations from ordinary people would provide them autonomy and long-term stable funding. The project aims to strengthen civil society through the development of individual philanthropy, especially of young people, and through the provision of new, modern online tools for organizations to facilitate their access to finance from individual donors. By strengthening the financial capacity of organizations, their anchorage in society will be increased and their capacities will be released to perform their primary activities. The Centre for Philanthropy organisation created the DARUJME.sk (DONATE.sk) website – the gateway to the world of online donation. Allows donations to be made directly in the website environment.

Project timeline: 01-07-2019 – 31-12-2021

Project partner1: Norsensus Mediaforum
Project partner2: N/A

Project eligible expenditure: 114,729 €
Project grant: 103,256 €