School communities that are a green inspiration for others

Green School project – every day for the future…

… was prepared for the preparation of “supplementary” education for selected 20 teachers from 10 schools, the expansion of their knowledge and teaching skills. In order to move from the theoretical teaching of environmental education in the classroom to the study of problems in the school / village / city, from naming problems to their solutions, from acquiring knowledge to taking responsibility, from frontally taught lessons to systematic changes in functioning, from teacher dominance to pupil and student participation, from homework writing in civics to civic engagement.

The main target group is 20 teachers from 10 Green Schools in various regions of Slovakia, who will become centers of inspiration – with their experience and previous shifts will inspire and educate other teachers, schools, parents, the public, local governments in specific solutions to environmental problems.

Kindergarten Na Starej tehelni Banská Bystrica, primary school with kindergarten Dlhé nad Cirochou, primary school with kindergarten Rakovec nad Ondavou, primary school with kindergarten Badín, primary school Pohraničná Komárno, primary school Petra Škrabáka Dolný Kubín, private primary school Nová Dubnica, special primary school Banská Štiavnica, grammar school Púchov, polytechnic secondary school JA Baťu Svit. These schools will be teaching schools – for teachers from different schools, for parents, locals, for the municipality and the city. We will train and provide supervision to 20 teachers – civic engagement, who will implement practical educational events for min. 400 teachers and local government staff with an emphasis on implementation with the participation of pupils and students of the Green Schools.

“The changes come step by step. Let’s do our best and see how we do it. ”

Teachers from selected schools take various courses during the project, for example: How to deal with the power of a teacher (lecturer Sylvia Ondrisová), How to teach action and useful (lecturers Zuzana Labašová, Zuzana Gallayová), How and why to be engaged (lecturer Eva Kováčechová, VIA IURIS ), How to practice climate change in practice (Jana Škvareninová, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Studies) and the experience course Natural tourism on your own skin in Poloniny (Zuzana Burdová, AEVIS). At the same time, the project participants give lectures at seminars and courses of the Green School, and their experiences are gradually presented in the media. In the period of the coronavirus pandemic, measures are expected to be relaxed so that, according to the plan, inspirational workshops can take place directly at their schools – educational activities for other teachers as well as for local governments.

What about the target audience?

“I am very grateful for your work, for trying to go further, even if there is a wall in front of you. I appreciate that you do so much and so well for teachers. You have my admiration. ” Course How to deal with power (lecturer Sylvia Ondrisová):

“It is very important for a teacher to know his power and to be able to use it correctly in relation to the power of others. Very interesting topic. Every teacher should graduate. I was worried about online, but it exceeded my expectations. ” Course How and why to be involved (lecturer Eva Kováčechová):

“The course opened up new perspectives on things I didn’t even know about or thought change wasn’t possible.”