Left their mark – civil association DETSTVO DEŤOM

Left their mark – civil association DETSTVO DEŤOM


Since the beginning of the Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia program, we have encountered many examples of good practice and positive results from supported projects. We want to share with you exceptional stories that have left a mark.

One of these projects we want to present to you in this mini video series is implemented by Detstvo deťom and is focused on working with mothers/parents/grandparents of children and children from birth in their home environment through active participation of 10 Amalikas – early intervention mentors – mothers directly from the Roma community. Other activities include providing counseling in the premises of the center, implementing educational activities for mothers/families with newborns/with babies/with preschoolers, accompanying young mothers-to-be and mothers of newborns – first-time mothers before birth and from the first days after the birth of the child. The goal is to actively continue to involve women from the community as mentors in this activity – more experienced mothers from families who have been involved in the organization’s activities for several years, already have their own children and experience.

The project was supported in the 3rd call in the topic Vulnerable groups – small grants. You can watch a video about this project here: