Left their mark – o.z. OTVOR DVOR

Since the beginning of the Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia program, we have encountered many examples of good practice and positive results from supported projects.

We want to share with you exceptional stories that have left a mark.

Another project that we want to present to you in this mini video series aimed to create a regional co-working center (Cultural-creative center Kláštor) in Rožňava, consisting of the modification of a specific space and the launch of initial educational activities and support events with a partner organization, which they ensure the long-term sustainability of the entire project – the creation and stabilization of a professional background for the organization of civically active individuals, young people, informal groups and associations and the organization of informational and educational events for them.

In the continuation of the project, OTVOR DVOR devoted itself to creating space for further long-term and continuous activities in the already existing co-working center, which, thanks to the accommodation capacity, will enable the realization of projects with the participation of partners from more distant parts of the region and the effective use of their networking opportunities. The project was supported in the 1st call in the topic Civic participation, but also in the 2nd call in the topic Development of civil society organizations – Basic grants.

You can watch a video about this project here: