Processed by: Richard Petro

How do you perceive the implementation of the project over time?

Over time, it becomes evident that our project has been of fundamental significance for our cultural center. The spaces of our co-working are utilized on a daily basis and constitute an integral part of our activities. Not only the reconstruction of the spaces but also the know-how from our Norwegian partners in the project have proven to be beneficial.

Source: KC Kláštor

How has your project evolved after the support from the ACF – Slovakia program ended?

The development of our co-working center has been unfolding in its own way since its inception and, despite societal challenges, it continues to progress. It serves partly as a space for co-workers working on their projects and also as conference spaces for organizing various educational or networking events. These spaces have played a special role since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, regularly hosting meetings of the local Ukrainian community. Another regular activity in these spaces is the meetings between individuals from the Ukrainian community and psychologists. Therefore, in addition to its originally intended educational and networking functions, this project also fulfills a community and cultural role.

Source: KC Kláštor

Have you been able to achieve the goals you set?

We have been able to achieve the goals we set, thanks in part to the support and know-how from our Norwegian partners. The project has been significantly influenced by societal challenges such as COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite all challenges, the project is still evolving and has found its purpose and community.

Source: KC Kláštor

What successes have you achieved with the project?

Thanks to our co-working, people from non-profit organizations and the general public can meet in our spaces for various educational and cultural events. Having such spaces available in a small district town is a significant advantage for the local third sector, activists, and freelancers.

The biggest success is that all these stakeholders actively use this space to fulfill their visions and projects.

What has been the impact of your project on the target groups and the surrounding area?

Our co-working center has become a stable part of the public space in the town of Rožňava thanks to our project. Since its inception, dozens of co-workers have utilized these spaces, providing them the opportunity to work on their initiatives and projects in a creative environment. These spaces have also been used by dozens of organizations and companies to organize their educational or networking events.

Similarly, for our cultural center, of which this co-working is a part, this space has been a significant contribution, as we have used it many times to organize our own cultural and educational events. We have also screened documentary films for the public in these spaces.

What experiences have you gained within the ACF – Slovakia program as an organization?

During the project implementation, we gained numerous experiences that continue to benefit us in the execution of subsequent projects. The collaboration and communication with representatives of ACF – Slovakia were genuinely a great pleasure for us. To date, we have not encountered greater willingness and better cooperation in implementing a larger project.

What specific advantages and opportunities did the program directly provide for you?

Thanks to this program, we had the opportunity to establish cooperation with several Norwegian partners, from which we still benefit. We continue to collaborate and communicate with most of our Norwegian partners to this day.

How do you evaluate the cooperation with ACF – Slovakia and what impact did the program have on your professional and personal growth?

For me personally and for the professional growth of our organization, the feedback from Mrs. Haringova and the ACF – Slovakia team regarding financial project management had a significantly positive impact. Thanks to this experience, I approach project implementation with much greater clarity and ease. Sincere thanks for all the experiences gained during the project!