New campaign guide 


As part of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) grant program, in cooperation with the Via Iuris and specifically Milan Šagát and Dana Mareková, we have prepared an educational mini-project entitled – Campaign Planning – from activism to advocacy. 

From the applicants, we selected 4 organizations – Ipčko, Saplinq, Cyklokoalícia and Centrum Slniečko, which, under the guidance of experienced mentors, completed something from the theory of campaign preparation and subsequently prepared their own campaign plans for the near future. 

At the final evaluation meeting the following was heard: “… extraordinary program”, “… that it is possible… the problems are mega… but we have learned that we can change our approach and gradually do something…” Organizations also appreciated that the project helped them “… differentiate goals and tools, implement step-by-step activities, divide teamwork, sort things out, and consider financial and human capacity. ” The response from the graduates of the program testifies not only to their satisfaction, but also to a real improvement in the targeting of their advocacy activities.  

Based on the implemented project, as well as their own experience, Milan Šagát and Dana Mareková prepared this guide, on the topic of How to lead a successful and purposeful campaign in the civic sector.  

Guide is in slovak language. You can download it here: