September 24, 2021

In the third round of ACF calls, a total of 235 grant applications were assessed in five priority areas. After an administrative check and evaluation of applications, a total of 44 projects were selected for support.

In theme 1. Public participation, the program supported 6 projects, in the total amount of 406,557 €, in theme 2. Advocacy, 4 projects were selected for support in the total amount of 401,673 €, in theme 3. Human rights are supported by 4 projects in the amount of € 193,511. In the area 4. Vulnerable groups, 22 small grants were awarded, a total of € 318,148 and 3 basic grants totaling 180,934 €. The program also supported 4 projects in theme 5. Development of civil society organizations in the amount of € 301,562.

In the following days, the signing of the contracts of the approved projects will be started. Applicants for project support whose projects have been selected as substitutes will be contacted if any of the grant applicants selected for support does not enter into a project implementation contract.

We thank all applicants for the submitted applications!

Official results: